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To Be in the Wild.

Like so many of us, Nature Love founder Marc Gottwald has a passion for being outdoors. He also happens to hold a Masters Degree in Environmental Science. From camping to skiing to hiking, and learning to photograph wildlife and scenery, Marc is always looking to spend time appreciating and learning from nature. Over the years, his outdoor adventures have brought him serenity and provided a refuge when the rest of the world was too much. 

Of course, long excursions into the wilderness require careful planning and the right equipment. All too often, Marc would find himself in a moment of beauty, perfect for a photograph, only to discover a dead camera battery. And staying out in that moment meant many long hikes back in the dark, a potentially perilous situation. Overnight backpacking trips were often clouded with concerns over food prep and sanitation.

Marc realized that the longer he wanted to stay out in the wilderness, the more support he needed.

Inventing the PowerMAX UV

Marc launched Nature Love to develop a solar-powered, UV-equipped, wireless portable charger that’s built for being in the outdoors. Far from being a power bank that simply charges your devices, every feature was carefully designed and engineered to equip hikers, campers and adventurers of every stripe to go further and stay longer. 

To cover the power needs of recharging multiple devices over an extended trip off-grid, the 25,000 mAh battery capacity and ability to charge four devices simultaneously offers plenty of headroom. An LED torch light was engineered to provide reliable refuge from the dark. As the only UV-equipped power bank on the market, you can sanitize bedding and utensils, allowing you to save water. A built-in solar panel automatically supplements the battery pack’s charge whenever it’s in the sunlight. Finally, a rugged waterproof shell was designed to protect the PowerMAX from the elements.

For a Better Future.

Nature Love is on a mission. We all benefit from going outdoors and allowing nature to recharge us, so what if more of us were actually able to get out there? Our multifunctional outdoor battery pack was created to inspire more people to experience and connect with our wild spaces. It is by sharing this love of nature that we can begin to come together as a planet.

We also believe that protecting our world is everyone’s job. That’s why we’re donating $1 from every PowerMAX sold to proud partner, Pollinator, to save the bees.