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How to Power Your Adventures

Charging your power bank  You’ll want to charge up your PowerMAX as soon as you get it. Using the included USB charging cord, plug the power bank into any standard USB charging port. It will take 8 to 10 hours to fully charge with a fast charging adapter.

Using the PowerMAX to charge your devices There are two ways to charge your electronic devices. Via cable, you can simply plug your device into one of the USB-A or USB-C ports. Charging begins automatically.

Using wireless charging, push the power button once and wait for the red blinking light to stay on. Set the PowerMAX on a flat surface and place your phone or other wireless chargeable device on top of it. 

Simultaneous charging  The PowerMAX UV is capable of charging through all four of its ports simultaneously. In total, your portable charger can supply two USB-A devices, one USB-C device, and one wireless chargable device.

Register Your PowerMAX UV Today

Activate your extended 2-year warranty, let us know you’re rockin’ a PowerMAX for your adventures, and we’ll keep you updated on all the Nature Love news, promotions and announcements! The PowerMAX comes with a one-year warranty, but Nature Love offers an extra one-year warranty extension to all purchasers who register the product online within 30 days of purchase! We just need your name, address, email, order number and vendor where you purchased the product. This free warranty extension is only valid in the USA. In all other countries, the local minimum warranty conditions apply.

Maintenance, Care & Warnings

Before using your power bank the first time, fully charge it via the provided charger and cable.

Do not leave the product in hot cars, near heat or close to flammable materials.

Solar recharging is for emergency use only, not for regular charging.

Do not use the UV Sanitizer to disinfect drinking water. Also do not use on skin as this can lead to irritation.

Never look directly into the UV-light or at reflected UV-light as it can harm the eyes. We recommend wearing eye protection when using the UV Sanitizer.

For more questions about the PowerMAX UV, visit our FAQ page.